Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sorry for the long delay

Hey All,

Sorry for the long delay of a blog-post. I have been as busy as can be, and the blog kind of slipped my mind. Anyways, lets get up to date on a few things...

1) Law school search. I am waitlisted at a few schools, most noteably Stetson and IU-Indy, so it is going to be an even longer and more treachourous wait now that I am on the list for both of those schools. Additionally, I am still strongly considering Florida Coastal in Jacksonville, Florida and New England School of Law in Boston. At this point, the warm weather is sounded pretty great (40 degrees in mid-April?) Little side note - Jacksonville is actually the largest city in the U.S. by land area.

2) LOST is amazing and blowing my mind. Words can not describe how amazing that show is right now.

3) School is going well, just a couple weeks left!

4) Little five is quickly approaching. I have friends from Southern Cal, Penn State, Ohio State, Miami of Ohio, and probably other schools coming in. Should be a blast!

5) I'll try to update the blog sooner then 3 weeks!

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