Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sorry for the long delay

Hey All,

Sorry for the long delay of a blog-post. I have been as busy as can be, and the blog kind of slipped my mind. Anyways, lets get up to date on a few things...

1) Law school search. I am waitlisted at a few schools, most noteably Stetson and IU-Indy, so it is going to be an even longer and more treachourous wait now that I am on the list for both of those schools. Additionally, I am still strongly considering Florida Coastal in Jacksonville, Florida and New England School of Law in Boston. At this point, the warm weather is sounded pretty great (40 degrees in mid-April?) Little side note - Jacksonville is actually the largest city in the U.S. by land area.

2) LOST is amazing and blowing my mind. Words can not describe how amazing that show is right now.

3) School is going well, just a couple weeks left!

4) Little five is quickly approaching. I have friends from Southern Cal, Penn State, Ohio State, Miami of Ohio, and probably other schools coming in. Should be a blast!

5) I'll try to update the blog sooner then 3 weeks!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break

So Spring Break has been fantastic! I just got back from South Padre Island, Texas (about a 22 hour drive both ways, needless to say I am very tired.) It was a great trip that was certainly very relaxing... I now feel refreshed to finish out my final weeks or so of school (I am both happy and sad about this!)

The NCAA tourny is well underway, so naturally that will be what I am doing the rest of the weekend. In case your wondering, I have Pitt and Wake Forest in the finals, with Missouri and Arizona State also in the final 4. My bracket has developed nicely thus far (I know it will fall apart soon), only game wrong was Minnesota lost to Texas --- I guess Big Ten pride effected me. Anyways, looking forward to finishing off the rest of the school year and enjoying March Madness! (On another note, in just over a month my favorite day of the year is coming --- the first day of the NFL Draft)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

LOST last week was totally awesome. John Locke is undeniably my boy. This week promises to be great with the return to the island.

In other news, Student Business Ambassadors applications are underway, with new members applying online. Also, people are applying to executive positions and reapplying to stay with SBA. Here is where you find what it truly takes to be a leader; who to keep, who to let go, and to promote. Its very practical experience for me and I am certianly learning a lot.

I am totally stoked to go to South Padre for Spring Break in just over a week... the time seems to be crawling at this point!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chicago Trip

So this past weekend Allie and I went to Chicago. She had some things to take care of(and got to see her fam) while I needed to check out some law schools. I looked at John Marshall and Chicago-Kent, both of which had their own unique qualities. It was definetily a great trip and an exciting time... I had never gone on a law school visit, so doing it for the first time was exciting. Chicago is a great city, but it is a tad cold, so maybe I will just go to school in Florida! I hope to hear more from other schools soon, I hate to think that I will not actually know where I am going until this summer!

LOST NOTE {SPOILER ALERT}: Really excited for the episode this Wednesday of LOST.... we saw they got back to the island in the last episode, and there was Jin with the Dharma Initiative. I like that the writers have stayed true to the show, even if that means going a little off the beaten path. Looking forward to Wednesday night!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

Allie and I, who celebrate our one year anniversary together today, have a lovely dinner at Gratzi for Valentine's Day this past Saturday. We tried to go see a movie that evening, but naturally the line was picked, so we just popped in a DVD of one our favorite shows (The Office) and watched that all night. We are going to Asuka tonight (the place of our very first date) and tomorrow Allie gets a surprise in the morning--- sorry can't say it in case she reads it. I think she should like it though.

Anyways things are rolling along here in Bloomington. I am going to Chicago with Allie this weekend to check out John Marshall School of Law. Also, I am really excited about going to South Padre Island with a bunch of friends for spring break--- thankfully its only a couple of weeks away!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Warm Weather and A-Rod

So warm weather is finally here... if only for a couple of days. Being able to walk to class without a heavy jacket has certainly been nice,as is being able to go outside in shorts and to not get frost bite on my legs.

The big news of the day was Alex Rodriguez admitting to using steroids from 2001-2003. I have two opinions on this news. One is that it was not against the rules of baseball in 2003 when Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids. Although already frowned upon, it was not illegal. Let's say you are in a math class and it is looked down upon to cheat, yet not illegal (no ramifications in terms of getting in trouble), and you are having a trouble on a few answers. Since you want to do as well as you can, do you not believe that in this situation you would cheat? Maybe it is horrible to say, but I think if it was not ILLEGAL or against the rules, people would cheat in this situation, which is what Alex Rodriguez did. Going along with that, the test results were suppossed to remain anonymous, so for that I actually feel sorry for A-Rod, and I believe that he is being treatly incorrectly in this situation. (Note: I HATE the Yankees, and I am not an A-Rod fan, but what is fair is fair, and this is unfair.)

I said I had two notes to say about today's revelations. The second has to do with Ken Griffey Jr. I have always been a Griffey fan, and a Reds fan beyond that, so I feel I may be a little biased towards him. However, he has fantastic career numbers that are beyond worthiness of a Hall of Fame vote. He has never been arrested or linked to steroids; one of the most positive memebers of todays baseball community. Which leads me to a couple of points. One, if the hall of fame voters do not elect Griffey with a 100% vote (never happend before) then baseball as we know it is done. How someone like Tony Gwynn did not get 100%, I do not know (maybe egos or team alliances got in the way), but lets set that aside. Voters have shown how much they hate roids (see Mark McGwire not even getting 25%), so why not show that here is a guy, who, like A-Rod, Clemens, and Bonds, are clear-cut as they come in terms of the hall of fame. What is the difference? This guy has never done it! I would be beyond insulted and embarrassed for the game if he does not get 100% of the vote. My last point is this shows how special a player he really is, to put up the numbers he has through injuries and undoubtedly competing against guys (pitchers alike) who were using performance enhancers. Today makes me realize what it truly means to be great, and Ken Griffey Jr. defines what greatness is all about.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, for the second year in a row, another exciting Super Bowl. Since the Bengal's never win, I had to root based on college teams (I really do not care about the Steelers - Bengals rivalry, we are way too bad to care.) Therefore, I liked seeing Santonio Holmes (Ohio State guy) and Ben Roethlisberger (Miami of Ohio) go to town on the Cardinals D. It was a great game with a lot of exciting twists and turns.

However, I thought the commercials (I think because of the economy) were a bit lackluster. I thought it was cool that some amatures had the most successful commericial for Doritos with their crystal ball commercial. Definetily a big hit (that only cost $2000 for the guys to make.)

Anyways, the weather is a bit crazy here, extremely cold with a steady flow of snow coming down. I wish I was in Florida...